Description of Navigation process in Fully Automatic Layout.

The Navigation Process

The navigation system of the Fully Automatic layout allows the user to browse through the various images in their dataset in an intuitive manner.

Gif showing navigation procedure of Fully Automatic Layout

The user is served images from the region they’ve selected to browse through in the Select Region Label dropdown at the top of the page.

Once they’ve done so, the user can use the previous and next buttons to move back and forth between the images. Additionally, a slider is available for moving across large numbers of images. The number shown above the slider position (the circle that moves) is the current position of the image being served in the image carousel.

Initially, the order of the images served is random. The user can select metrics to sort the data by, so that the navigation experience would be more logical. Refer to Metrics for more information.

Full Document

In addition to the region labels that exist within the data, DocVisor also provides another option called Full Document in the Select Region Label dropdown. Here, only images on a full-length image basis are served. The metrics used here for sorting are on the basis of the entire image, since there is not particular region.